Melijanne Photographics

Capturing the moment.Simple, pure and fun.

About Me. . . . Meliza aka Mely

Photography is my passion and is not work for me.  It is an expression of my passion while providing a special service to others.

It is my sincere desire to capture the spirit, energy and emotions of every person or subject matter that I photograph, securing cherished memories forever . . . memories that will be worth way more than a thousand words for years to come.

Though I don't have a degree in photography, I have had a few years experience working in a studio, and dedicate all my efforts to achieving professional quality work.  

I don't believe in using a lot of props, but prefer simple natural backgrounds that don't distract from the personality and emotions of my subject. 

My editing is simple and clean, sometimes enhancing with colors and simple patterns, but always being careful to preserve the natural expression of the photograph.

I work with everyone to develop an affordable plan no matter what their budget is.